Advantages of custom kitchen cabinets over factory made stock cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen. If they are not according to your liking, what’s the point? It is time they are seen more than just wooden boxes and shelves. For kitchen cabinets serve a greater purpose.
They make your kitchen a better place to be in. Isn’t it better then that you get your own ideas realized in terms of how you want your kitchen spaces designed?
Stock cabinets might be easy on the pocket but they lack in all other spheres. Benefits of kitchen cabinets are many, some of which are.

* Best value for money
You might get tempted by pre-made stock cabinets but everything has a limitation. They are just factory made, same sized, styled, coloured cabinets that don’t provide much usefulness as needed. Once you install them, you’ll find some or the other issue with it. Sometimes they don’t fit; sometimes your appliances and kitchenware don’t get enough room. Basically, that’s an investment which you regret making. Utter waste of money.
Custom kitchen cabinets on the other hand give you exactly what you asked for in the first place. So there is no need of further modification. Sure it’s a bit costlier but totally worth it.

* Use of local materials
Locally sourced hardwoods you have handpicked, nothing beats that. Stock cabinets on the other hand are made of particle board. No points for guessing which is better.

* Cabinets made according to your kitchen
You know your kitchen and no factory made product can accommodate the dimensions of your kitchen correctly. So definitely, with stock cabinets, there are issues such as inadequacy and completely ignored appliance space.
With custom kitchen cabinets however, this problem is sorted out to a greater extent.

* Good build
Custom kitchen cabinets are made by your trusted craftsmen and thus you can rely on them for delivering quality work. As opposed to an assembly line product, a custom made product always works better. There are many variations. Such as drawer slides are hidden in a custom cabinet whereas inconspicuous side-slide brackets are there in stock cabinets.
Joints in custom cabinets are Dovetail, Dowel or mortise-and-tenon whereas stock cabinets have glued, nailed or screwed joints. Moreover, corner braces are also better in case of custom kitchen cabinets. Therefore, a wise choice is to go for custom cabinetry instead of factory made clones.
With custom made kitchen cabinets, you need no fillers to accommodate your kitchen space. With stock cabinets, you may have to use few or many fillers. That’s not good for your kitchen as valuable space is wasted.
These are the various reasons why custom made kitchen cabinets are always better than factory made kitchen cabinets.
Now that you know what’s better, there should be no stopping you from availing the benefits of custom cabinetry. Go get one for your kitchen pronto.



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