Bathroom Cabinets – The Benefits of Customized Cabinets



Bathroom Cabinets – The Benefits of Customized Cabinets


When exploring a kitchen and bath remodel, you will inevitably be faced with the decision on whether to choose standardized cabinets, or select a customized option. Customization allows homeowners to build their cabinets to specific requirements and measurements. It invites personal expression and creates a bath and kitchen atmosphere unique to the tastes of the homeowner. Securing a professional will provide expertise and experience in designing and installing custom cabinets for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

When exploring opportunities around custom bathroom cabinets, keep in mind that cabinetry is an investment, and will ultimately increase the market value of your home. Investing in custom cabinetry will not only improve your home’s value, but will also increase usability and functionality of your space, by optimizing currently unused areas. Having a custom cabinetry system specifically designed for your bathroom space will ensure that you have an area that is both functional and geared towards your tastes and personal style. The size of your bathroom will play a critical role in determining the size and location of your customized cabinets. Smaller bathrooms require more innovation when designing the cupboards. Corner cabinets can be placed out of the way, and utilize unused space. Tall and narrow cabinets fit well in small sized bathrooms, and create more room vertically. Customized cabinets can also be constructed to fit over the toilet, leveraging unused space there as well.

Customizing your bathroom cabinets ensures you leverage proper utilization of your space, and provides you with ultimate assessment and control over your storage needs. A wider array of finishes is available for customized bathroom cabinetry, than standardized cabinets. A variety of wood finishes are available for your bathroom cabinets. They come in a plethora of wood types and a wide spectrum of colors. Laminates, wooden slabs, stainless steel, and hand carved cabinets, are also available bathroom cabinet finishes, and can all create the atmosphere you desire in your bathroom. Front mirrored cabinets or doors with clear glass can enlarge the look of your bathroom.

Overall customer satisfaction is proven to be much higher when receiving customized cabinetry rather than off the shelf bathroom cabinets. Additionally, with an investment of customized cabinets, you are actively increasing the overall value of your home. A one of a kind design and installation, specifically created for your own space will lead to many years of enjoyment and contentment. Professional services are available to assist with your assessment, purchase and installation.


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