Choosing the Perfect Custom Closet

This day and age the standard closet is just not enough for the average adult. We love to keep our old high school shirts, or college sweaters. The years pack on with clothing, and every thread in your closet is sentimental. With that being said, your standard closet does not have enough space for all of your belongings. We haven’t included other items such as shoes, sports equipment, or other assorted paraphernalia. Our closets are our own personal space. We like to have things kept in a specific place to keep things private and well organized. Choosing the perfect custom closet is the answer. Whether you need a shoe rack to organize all your shoes, or a wider space to keep your suits and dresses, maintaining order within your wardrobe space is essential to organizing the old with the new.

Custom closets can be arranged in many ways depending on the amount of space available. The fundamental aspect of a custom closet is that it maximizes the amount of storage available to store your belongings. Thus, having a space that is huge or small, custom closets can fit anywhere while maintaining a consistent balance and flow within the space. The balance of the space creates more fluidity and does not cramp or crowd the area. The more space between you and your belongings gives you enough room to arrange and organize neatly. The flow of the space is also necessary to provide enough movement and easy access.

Now that we have maximized the given space available to us, we can now include the custom closet storage and accessories. Most standard closets only include a hanger pole and a shelf above, plus other storage that can be stored on the floor. With custom closets, you can neatly organize every item to their specific area. Custom closets can include a variety of different storage areas. You can have three different sections of hanger poles that can specifically hold your suits, robes, or dresses. You can have up to three or more drawers that you can store socks, underwear, and shirts. You can also have divided shelves which you can customize the height to put shoes, hats, cubbies, or towels. Other closet customization capabilities include shoe racks designed specifically for just your shoes, a storage cabinet or drawer designed for your laundry, and also cabinets with glass doors to add to aesthetic and feel that can bring a more elegant style while keeping them enclosed. Keep in mind that this is only one of the many infinite possibilities of customization for your closet needs. Depending on what you have and the space available to you, these closets not only provide organization, but also personality to your home.

The personalization of custom closets can differ between each person. They can vary from wood styles such as cherry, mahogany, or birch. The hardware can vary from different shapes, styles, and sizes. Even the way you arrange the closet with the different add-ons and features can personalize your wardrobe space. Whichever you choose, it should make your life easier and impact the way you organize your closet space every day.



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