Closet Design Ideas to Maximize the Available Space

Closet Design Ideas to Maximize the Available Space

Better storage space has become such a big necessity these days, especially with the current limitation in available living space. No matter how small, every area can be transformed into a space that offers comfort and efficiency with the right organization solution. Therefore, in setting up the interior space, closet space design is as important a choosing high quality building materials and the right kind of furniture. Here are a few guidelines from experts in home organizations systems for people who are currently designing or redesigning their closets.

Design the space based on your wardrobe

One of the most important considerations in designing closet space is to base the general plan on the user’s wardrobe. A person’s choice of clothes will determine the major divisions of the closet. Does the user’s fashion and style choice require a wide hanging space? Do the clothes need to be hanged or can they be folded. What is the user’s preference in terms of storage of accessories such as belts and ties? How a person likes to get dress determines the overall design concept. Closets, which are not designed to serve the space requirements of the user, might have too much drawer space with too little hanging storage, or vice versa.

Consider visibility in creating the design

Ideally, a modern-day closet must be durable, adaptable, functional, and convenient to use. Although the closet is primarily a place for storage of clothes and accessories, it must function as an efficient space that also fits the user’s lifestyle demands. For instance, it would be easier and faster to dress up in the morning if there is greater visibility. This is possible with a closet that is designed to present all the options to the user with the use of glass-fronted drawers or see-through wire bins, as opposed to just the top layer of clothes. Belt racks and tie racks that make the items readily visible and accessible could decrease the amount of time that a person spends dressing up for work or school in the morning. Precious minutes are lost rummaging through layers of clothes while looking for particular item. The time it takes to get ready could be reduced significantly by customized shelves and increasing the visibility of the stored items.

Taking advantage of the available vertical space

Given the limited floor area in many modern apartments, the smart approach is to take advantage of the space by expanding the storage areas up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Items that are not used very often may be stored higher up toward the ceiling. If the ceiling is especially high, another closet pole may be installed and off-season items may be placed there. Meanwhile, rollout boxes may also be placed on the floor. The less accessible places can house oddball clothing items and accessories.

These are just a few helpful guidelines. There are plenty of resources available for people who want to learn more about closet organization solutions. With the help of a professional team of designers, any closet can be transformed into the ideal storage space.




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