Custom Cabinetry – The Main Factor of Remodeling a Kitchen

Custom Cabinetry – The Main Factor of Remodeling a Kitchen

When you’re contemplating a remodeling job on your kitchen, it’s wise to get a cost break-up of the different elements. For a complete overhauling, you’ll need to factor in the costs of new flooring, plumbing, appliances, counter-tops, sinks and faucets, electricals, insulation, dry-wall, paint and furniture. Cabinetry is of course one of the primary things you need to plan. Design, color and placement of cabinets determine the overall look of your kitchen. However, cabinets can eat up a huge chunk of your remodeling budget and if you’re looking to keep the financials under control, this is one area where you could find things getting out of hand.

There are plenty of choices available. While customized or bespoke wood-work is always more expensive than what you can pick up from a factory or store, there’s no doubt that it’s light years ahead of the cookie-cutter designs that you’ll find in every magazine, catalog or store mock-up.

Another advantage with custom cabinetry is that it’s designed specifically for your kitchen, with your unique needs, design elements, life-style and work habits in mind. Your kitchen could be tiny or enormous, irregular shaped, on different levels, with differences in air and light or you could have special storage needs. The kitchen could double up as a family dining room or open onto a patio where you entertain, so your cabinets should reflect these aspects too.

When you look at costs, there’s no getting away from the fact that customized remodeling is going to be expensive. So let’s look at some of the reasons for this:

Materials: While factory-made cabinets are usually of particle-board or even some kind of synthetic blend/plastic, custom cabinetry uses plywood which is real wood and not just a sawdust-glue composite. Hinges, handles, screws, paint and veneer used are all of superior quality to ensure that you get years of trouble-free service. The finish is also much better in custom-built items whereas factory-made can start sagging, splitting or bulging after a couple of winters. The big-box option may seem like a good idea initially but studies have shown that customized can last up to three times longer.

Installation: Factory-made, one-size-fits-all cabinets may be quick and convenient DIY options but in the long run, a craftsperson-installed cabinet is miles ahead in terms of sturdiness, durability and finish. If your crafts person is a local resident you can rest assured that you’ll get priority service and assistance whenever you need it.

For those who value quality over mere good looks, bespoke is the way to go. So when you’re considering the pros and cons of kitchen remodeling, remember that customized cabinetry is going to devour a large slice of your outlay.



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