Custom Cabinets – Do a Kitchen Cabinet Rebuild

Custom Cabinets – Do a Kitchen Cabinet Rebuild

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It is where dinners are made, but it is also where most people congregate and socialize. Because you spend so much time in this room and working and playing, you want it to be as beautiful as it is useful.

If you don’t have the money to do a complete kitchen remodel, think about custom cabinets rebuild. This can give the room a whole new look without spending lots of money and, you get to give it your personal touch.

Now, you could completely rip out the existing cabinets and replace them with custom ones of your choice. You can choose the color and variety of wood as well as any special storage requirements. These days, there are a variety of nifty storage features that are not only useful, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Criss-cross wine bottle holders, wine glass holders, plate organizers-you name it.

You could also implement these new storage ideas into your existing pieces if you want to keep the frames intact. You could add pull out drawers instead of shelves or add take advantage of unused space by adding a corner piece.

Another way to turn the existing pieces into custom cabinets is to reface the doors. This can be as easy as sanding the existing doors and staining or painting them a new color. Yes, painted doors are a popular trend right now. Or, you could install paned glass doors with either a clear, frosted or colored glass. This can completely change the look of the room and make it seem more open and light.

When you stain or paint, don’t forget to change out the hardware to add to the new look. This is the easiest and the least expensive way to make them custom cabinets. If you are handy with wood-working tools, you could also bevel or make designs in the existing doors as well.

Stand in the room and think about how you want the room to look. Look through home remodeling magazines for ideas on the latest in custom cabinet trends. If you don’t think it is a do-it-yourself kind of job, talk to builders in the area. They can come in and help you decide what would look nice and what can actually be done in the space you have. Once you’ve decided on a look, they can get to work transforming your kitchen.

The cabinets take up a majority of the space in a kitchen which means that they greatly affect the look and feel of the room. Light and airy, modern and chic, rich and sophisticated-whatever style fits your personality, simple changes can turn your kitchen into a room that everyone wants to be in.




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