Find Custom Closet Design Ideas That Meet Your Needs

Find Custom Closet Design Ideas That Meet Your Needs

One of the biggest selling points for new homes is how many closets they have. Americans are looking for extra space for all of their stuff. But oftentimes, the storage space needs to be more organized, not added to. Extra shelves and organizers can create a space for everything. When investigating custom closet design ideas, residents should follow these steps for an idea that matches their style.

Take Inventory

The first thing to do is take inventory of the closet. This will help determine the best setup for the closet organizers. If there a lot of hanging items, the closet may need multiple bars in various positions to handle everything. Numerous shoes call for special shelves that hold every pair. There are many different specialized shelves to add to maximize the space. This is also a good time to donate items that don’t fit or have gone out of style.

Maximum storage

In order to maximize the space, everything needs to have its own space. Design professionals work the closet like a jigsaw puzzle. A basic closet will have one hanging bar underneath a shelf. With a custom closet, the hanging areas can be stacked on top of each other to open space for additional shelves. Or, another row of shelves can be higher for seldom used items. The final design will be based on what is going back into the closet.

What Materials?

What materials are used for the racks and shelves is the biggest factor in determining style and cost. Vinyl coated wire shelves are often the cheapest option. The have a basic look and do not come in as many different configurations. The wire shelves and racks are also lighter, so they do not require extra bracing when attached to the walls. Wood gives the shelves and racks a feeling of class. Woods can also be customized much easier because new configurations can simply be built from scratch. The wood is also more rigid and sturdier than the wire. It is also heavier, requiring special fasteners if not attached to the studs. There are some manufacturers that use a combination of wood and wire to highlight each one’s positive attributes.

Make It Personal

There are many fun ways to make a custom closet personal. General and task lighting can be added to different areas of the closet. An overhead light can illuminate the whole closet while smaller, directional lights can be used for ties or jewelry to highlight the colors. Color selection for the closet and the racks is another great way to personalize. Many Americans elect to stain the wood organizers, either in a cherry or mahogany color. But, both the wood and wire options can be painted any color in the rainbow. The flooring does not have to be the same as the bedroom or bathroom. Wood or tile floors can complement the colors of the organizers. If the closet is large enough, select furniture or wall decorations can really accentuate the space. Or, trim work can be added to the organizers to create a built-in look.

When coming up with custom closet design ideas, residents have a lot of choices to make. Some are harder than others, but all of them will lead to a beautifully organized space.



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