How to Choose Custom Bathroom Cabinets That Increase the Value of Your Home

Custom bathroom cabinets are the essential decorative item for the perfect bathroom remodel or upgrade. There can be little doubt that beautiful and luxurious bathrooms are now as important in selling a house as the kitchen. Today’s bathrooms are larger, more beautifully designed and decorated and include many fixtures and appointments typically associated with a spa. Custom bathroom cabinets are the natural choice for any bathroom remodel.

Your bathroom design might call for a new vanity. You might have decided, instead, to use a pedestal sink to make the floor look larger. In this case, you will likely include wall-mounted cabinetry to provide the needed storage.

There are many new styles and designs in vanities and other cabinets for the bathroom. The size and design of your bathroom will be important factors in your choice of cabinetry. You might choose the classic or traditional style or contemporary, or something between the two.

You can choose a style anywhere along the continuum between ornate and simple. You can also make a design statement with the wood chosen for your cabinets. The warmth of natural wood tones looks beautiful in any bathroom.

You might choose black (espresso) or white custom bathroom cabinets. You can also paint cabinets any color you wish. Finding the right cabinetry for your style and décor will be easy.

Custom bathroom cabinets can meet a large number of storage and decorating needs in any bath.

The traditional vanity provides some surface area around the sink and flexible storage space.
A long counter provides a place for toiletries, decorative items and some storage.
A cabinet (made for use as a pantry in a kitchen) can provide all the storage space you might otherwise gain from a closet.
Matching wood trim on a medicine cabinet is a very nice touch in any bath because it ties all of the wood together.
Open shelving or cabinets with glass in the doors provides a combination of storage and visible display space for decorative items.
If your bathroom includes a whirlpool or soaking tub, you might want a wall-mounted cabinet near it for storage of a small television or a sound system.

Unlike stock or knockdown cabinets, custom bathroom cabinets enable you to get exactly what you want. Because space is typically at a premium in bathroom design, the flexibility of custom work enables you to have the storage areas you want in an appropriate size. Custom work matches the wood and the finish with the size and detail you want in your custom bathroom cabinets.

The cost of custom cabinetry is prohibitive for many families. However, you can get custom cabinetry at a lower price than at most stores. If you work directly with distributors, you are able to buy cabinets at amazing prices and customize them to meet your needs.

Whether you want your cabinets modified in size or appearance, a cabinet shop can deliver the custom bathroom that will make your bathroom unique without breaking the bank. It is possible to get custom cabinetry at the price of stock cabinets.



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