Maple Kitchen Cabinets – Beautiful, Durable and Flexible



Maple Kitchen Cabinets – Beautiful, Durable and Flexible


If you start shopping for kitchen cabinets, you’ll soon learn that maple wood is one of the most popular material options on the market. What makes maple kitchen cabinets so popular? Let’s look at a few reasons. These factors represent some of the primary attributes of maple that have led to its popularity.

There’s nothing wrong with other options, per se, but maple has a great deal working in its favor:

Tradition. Maple is a traditional wood for cabinetry. It has a long history and has been used effectively for generations. That traditional, timeless appearance is one reason why so many people continue to flock to the wood.

Color Options. Few woods offer the color flexibility of maple. Maple takes paint well, but it also handles stains of all sorts, too. You can create light, natural maple kitchen cabinets. You can use maple to generate a cherry look. You can even stain maple counters to create a darker appearance. In essence, maple can look the way you want it to look. You don’t necessarily have that kind of flexibility with many other cabinet materials.

Sturdiness. Maple is a solid, hard wood that can stand up to almost anything. Maple is much better than the pressed wood alternatives used in low-grade cabinets. Those who recognize the value of cabinets that can last a lifetime will often use maple. A good maple cabinet can remain in place almost indefinitely.

Appearance. Maple is an attractive wood with an equally attractive grain. One might argue that focus should be on the functionality and usability of cabinets. However, we all know that appearance is a governing factor in mot peoples’ cabinet decision. Maple kitchen cabinets simply look good. They can be extremely attractive.

Design Options. The popularity of maple kitchen cabinets has encouraged manufacturers and custom builders to do amazing things with the wood. Anyone who opts for maple cabinets will have the choice to add them in virtually any style. That’s not as true for less popular woods and little-used options like metal. With maple, you can create your vision for your kitchen.

Cost. Good maple kitchen cabinets aren’t cheap, but they are cheaper to some of the alternatives. Maple is a common wood and people can often find tremendous deals on maple offerings because of that. More exotic woods and alternative cabinet options may be more expensive than similar cabinets created from maple. All in all, maple is a bargain.

It’s not hard to see why so many people opt for maple kitchen cabinets, is it? These cabinets offer a unique blend of tradition, durability and flexibility. Those attributes are the driving force behind the option’s popularity and they explain why so many homes proudly feature kitchens featuring maple cabinets.


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