Maximize Space, Style and Function With Custom Cabinetry

Maximize Space, Style and Function With Custom Cabinetry

Given today’s economy, many homeowners are looking for ways to reconfigure or update their home rather than moving. Custom cabinetry is one of the best ways to maximize space, style and function in any home. The great thing is that it works in both big and small houses. Here are some ideas on how to use custom cabinetry in your space.

When considering the functionality of your cabinetry, you must consider the hardware that goes with it. What are its weight ratings? What quality is it? Many companies skimp on hardware, which is a critical mistake.

Full extension drawer glides should be at the top of your hardware list. Full extension drawer glides allow a drawer to extend out to its full length, bringing the back of the drawer level with the edge of the counter. In addition, these glides offer a soft closer feature, which eliminates slamming and saves on wear and tear.

Servo drive is another piece of hardware that allows you to bump your doors and drawers open and closed.

Let’s look at some of the most important rooms in your house to see how custom cabinetry can help.

In the kitchen, consider drawer organizers, corner pull-out systems, roll out shelves, and large deep drawers. Large appliance holders that pull up and out of the cabinetry are another consideration.

In the bathroom, towers are great, as are stylish medicine cabinets with outlets installed to hide cords.

In the office, install appropriate desk plug-ins, as well as roll outs for your scanner, copier, etc. Large file drawers are an absolute must. Vinyl or cork board offer a central place to keep notes, and basket cubbies add storage and style.

In the laundry room, built-in cabinetry with fold down iron board, drawers and shelves for storage, a rack to hang laundry, and pull-out hampers all maximize function. Place the washer and dryer on platforms with built-in drawers to add storage.

In the bedroom: a fireplace alcove with shelves, a hutch with a pop-up TV, built-in dressers, a desk area, a bench seat under the window with a storage, and a closet system are all great options.

In the dining room, a built-in hutch looks stunning and offers great dining storage.

When considering cabinetry, educate yourself. Many companies offer a cheaper price in exchange for cheaper hardware and wood. Semi-custom shops usually offer: particle board or melamine, low quality hardware, full extension 18″ glides, difficult installation, and measurements to the nearest 3″, thus wasting space. Your space needs to fit within their system. Going with truly custom cabinetry offers: ¾” plywood for stability, high quality hardware, full extension 21″-22″ glides to maximize full drawer depth, easy installation, and measurements to the nearest 1/32″, thus maximizing space. With truly custom shops, your space dictates their system.

Whoever you decide to go with, be sure to ask critical questions about the wood used, hardware, measurements used and the length of the glides.



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