Various Benefits Of Custom Cabinetry

Various Benefits Of Custom Cabinetry

In case you are getting new cabinetry for your home, you are probably already aware that you will need to make many decisions. You will need to select the material, frame type, door style, finishes, hardware and a lot more. Of course, you can go for semi-custom or stock cabinetry but investing in custom cabinetry will be more practical.

However, selecting each detail of custom cabinets is not an easy task. As mentioned above, there are a plethora of decisions to be made. With the availability of many options, sometimes making the right choice can seem difficult. It will be an even more taxing task if you have don’t know much about cabinetry making. In that case it will be wise to consult a cabinetry designer or visit the websites of reputed cabinetry brands, for example Wood-Mode. It is certain that you will get your money’s worth if you buy Wood-Mode cabinets. Residents prefer branded cabinets since they are built with premium quality materials and are quite durable.

If you want to go for custom cabinetry designs, here are a few tips that you can consider:

Do not splurge on the upper cabinets

Accessing the wall cabinets, especially the upper shelves can be an ordeal for many. Therefore, you may choose to do away with the wall cabinets and make space for some windows instead. Windows allow natural light and air into a space, which brightens up the house and the residents’ moods as well. Besides, large windows can provide you with lovely views of the beautiful city.

Keep the wall cabinets ‘shallow’

It will be wiser to increase the number of cabinets instead of installing ‘deep’ cabinets. It often gets difficult to find things inside deep cabinets, especially when you are in a hurry. So, limit the length of wall cabinets from six to nine inches. This way, you will be forced to line up the dry goods in a row, which in turn, will make it easier to find things.

Lift ‘up’, don’t ‘pull’

Use smart storage ideas. For example, install cabinets with lift up doors rather than pull out ones. These doors will save floor space and you will not need to move out of the way when the door opens. Likewise, installing easy pull drawers, slide out trays, magnetic locks, etc. can help you use the cabinets more easily.

Use the corners

In case, the place you are installing the cabinets in has awkward angles, make sure to use the corners with smart designs. In kitchen installing a corner cabinet or lazy Susans can work well. You may use these corner cabinets to store oft-needed appliances. Homeowners often use these cabinets to store spices and dry food items.

The first and foremost purpose of your cabinets is to increase the functionality of the space they are being installed in. The aesthetics factor should not be overlooked either. In case, you are not sure about the designs of your custom cabinetry, cabinetry designers and remodeling experts can provide you with helpful suggestions.






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